104 1c GREEN

An 'unhardened' Die Proof on India and die sunk on card without Die number from the original die

Hardened Die Proof on India die sunk on card with Die number F-212

All 1c Green stamps were printed using the 'WET' process.
Plates 1-30 were printed using the original die and had upper and lower imprints.
Plates 1-30 also had hand punched PO numbers present on all plates but not necessarily on each pane.
Some plates were reused for a second Printing Order and thus have two hand punched PO's,
usually with the earlier PO crossed out.

Plates 1-4 were used for Printing Order 83.

Lower left Plate 1 with PO 83. Note that plates 1 - 6 had the bottom imprints inverted.

Lower right Plate 4 with PO 83

Plates 5-10 were used for Printing Order 100.

Lower right Plate 5.

Lower left Plate 10.

Plates 11-14 were used for Printing Order 110.

Lower Plate 10.

Upper left Plate 14.

Plates 15-22 were used for Printing Order 115.

Upper Plate 15.

Upper plate 22 used for both PO 115 and PO 123

Plates 23-28 were used for Printing Order 123.

Upper left Plate 23.

Upper left Plate 28.

Plates 29-30 were used for Printing Order 131.

Upper right Plate 29.

Upper left Plate 30

The Redrawn Die was used for plates 31-170

Redrawn Die Proof of Die I on India die sunk on card.

Redrawn Trial Color Die in Black on card.

Plates 31-140 had both top and bottom imprints
Plates 31-50 were also used for PO 131.

Lower right plate 31

Upper plate 50 with both PO 131 and PO 146.

Plates 51-56 were used for PO 146.

Lower plate 51

Lower right plate 56 with both PO 146 and PO 157.

Plates 57-61 were used for PO 157.

Upper right plate 57

Upper right plate 61.

Upper left plate 61 with PO's 177 and 194.

Upper right plate 62 with PO 177.

Upper left plate 71 with PO 194.

Upper left plate 80 with PO 194 and 208.

Upper left plate 90 with PO 208.

Upper left plate 91 with PO 215.

Upper right plate 96 with PO 215.

Beginning with plate 96 the PO numbers were engraved on the plate.

Lower left plate 97 with PO 240.

Whenever a plate was reused for a second Printing Order, the new PO continued to be hand punched.

Lower right plate 106 with PO 265 and 312.

Upper right plate 140, the last plate with lower imprints.

Plates 141-170 had top imprints and a strip of Lathework in place of the bottom imprints
The upper imprints on plates 163 and 164 were left off for some unknown reason and hand punched numbers were added to identify them. Plates 169 and 170 were also used to print the 1c Yellow and hence are a bit more scarce.

Upper right plate 141

Upper right plate 170

Upper right plate 163 with a hand punched "163'

Type B Lathework found on plates 141-166

Type C Lathework found on plates 167-170

A booklet pane of six.
The panes were produced from from several plates that can only be distinguished by minute die differences.

The earliest coils were produced by taking regular sheets and only perforating them horizontally. The sheets were then cut vertically yeilding strips of 10 with an upper selvedge that could be used to 'paste' the strips together to form a coil roll.

A 'starter' strip of coils perfed 8 vertically.

A similar 'end' strip.