112 5c VIOLET

Plates 15-22 were Wet printed from the same Original Die used for the 5c Blue

Upper left plate 15

Plates 17-20 had a band of type D lathework at the bottom

Plates 19-20 have the upper right frame line retouched. It appears that the Die itself was not retouched since plates 21 and 22 show the Original Die. Thus it is reasonable to assume that all 400 subjects on each plate were individually retouched.

Upper right plate 19

Plates 21-22 had type D inverted lathework

Upper right plate 21

Plate 21 had a pyramid guide arrow in the left margin and the words R-GAUGE in the right margin

Upper left plate 22

Plate 22 had the words R-GAUGE in the left margin and a pyramid guide arrow in the right margin

Plates 21 and 22 were printed both on normal paper and so called 'thin' paper, which is really somewhat transparent so that the cross hatch in the weave of the paper is readily apparent.

Plates 23-25 were Dry printed from Redrawn Die F 213

Die Proof in Violet on India

Die Proof in Black on card

Upper plate 23

Upper right plate 25

One pane of 100 stamps was printed imperforate probably as a favor