113 7c BISTRE

The original die was used for plates 1-6 of the 7c Bistre and also for plates 7-8 of the 7c Red Brown

Unhardened Die Proof with ABN imprint but without a die number.

Hardened Die Proofwith ABN imprint and Die number F 214.

Trial Color Proof in Brown.

Trial Color Proof in Orange.

Trial Color Proof in Violet.

The two printings of Plate 1 with PO 85 and later PO 120

First printing of Plate 2

Plates 1-4 were printed with both upper and lower imprints

Plate 3 with PO 189

Plate 4 with PO 189 and a second unknown PO
Note that stamps printed using PO 189 are of the shade known as Sage Green.

Plates 5-6 were printed with an imprint at the top and a band of type B Lathework in the the lower margin