116 10c plum

Unhardened Die printed on India with imprint but without a die number.

Hardened Die Proof printed on India and die sunk on card with imprint and Die number F 218

Plates 1 and 2 were printed with only upper imprints

Plate 1 with PO 86

Plate 2 with PO 86

Plate 2 with PO 129 also 86 and 110 crossed out

Plates 3-6 had upper and lower imprints
PO numbers were still in use but large multiples are hard to find
This is a good time to point out that it normal throughout the Admiral issue for the earliest and latest plates to be the most common. This perhaps makes sense considering that collectors will rush out and buy a new issue(the early plates). There will also be leftover material when the single value or the entire issue is phased out(the last plates).

Upper left Plate 3 with PO 175

Lower plate 4

Lower plate 5

Plate 6 with PO 289 crossed out

Plates 7 and 8 have upper imprints
Type A Lathework replaces the lower imprint
A partial imprint was added near the center gutter.

Upper left Plate 7

Upper Plate 8

Lower Plate 8 showing Lathework and partial imprint

Type A Lathework

Plates 9 and 10 have upper imprints
and a band of Type B Lathework at the bottom

Type B Lathework

Plates 11 and 12 have upper imprints and Type C Lathework

Plate 11

Plate 12

Type C Lathework