117 10c BLUE

Plates 13 - 18 were Wet printed with upper imprints
and a band of type D Lathework at the bottom.

Upper Plate 13

Upper left Plate 14

Upper right Plate 15

Upper right Plate 16

Type D Lathework

Upper Plate 18

Plates 17 and 18 had a guide arrow in the right margin

Plates 19 and 20 were Wet printed with type D Inverted Lathework

Upper left Plate 19

Upper left Plate 20

Type D inverted Lathework
For some reason this Lathework seems to be very rare.

Plates 21 and 22 were printed using both the Wet and Dry processes.
Both Plates had type D lathework

Upper left Plate 21

Upper left Plate 22

A wet printed pair that appears to be imperf between. Actually a perforation error.

A few sheets of the 10c Blue were Squat printed.
This means that the paper was put on the press sideways and hence shrank vertically instead of the normal horizontal shrinking that distinguishes the Wet printings.
The only known examples of these printings are stamps that have been precancelled.