118 10c BROWN

DIE PROOFS with imprint F-218

Stamp Size Die Proof mounted on thick card. Signed and dated 6/6/25.
Probably the actual proof approved for the new color.

Die Proof printed on India with imprint and die number F 218.

Trial Color Proof printed on card.

Plates 21 and 22 were reused from the 10c Blue.
They had a band of Lathework in place of the bottom imprints.

Upper left Plate 21

Upper Plate 22

Lathework type D

Plates 23-25 had no lathework or bottom imprints.

Upper right Plate 23

Upper left Plate 23 with "H" added above imprint

Upper right Plate 24

Upper left Plate 25

One pane of 100 stamps was printed imperforate probably as a favour