120 50c GREY BLACK

This Proof of the original die has no Die number and does not have the ABN imprint.
Thus it would seem logical that this was taken at a stage in the process before the so called 'unhardened' proof was made.

Unhardened original Die Proof on India.

Hardened original Die Proof on India die sunk on card.

Trial Color Proof on India die sunk on card.

Plates 1 and 2 were Wet printed from the Original Die
I have never seen a bottom imprint and so must assume that there were none.

Plate 1 with PO 88

Plate 1 with PO 88 taken out

Plate 2

Plate 3 was Wet printed with upper imprints and a band of Type D Lathework at the bottom.

Die Proof of the Redrawn die on India die sunk on card. It was used to print Plate 4.

Trial Color Proof on card.

Plate 4 was Dry printed with only upper imprints

A single sheet was Dry printed and not perforated, probably as a favour.