One Cent

The 1¢ stamp was issued in 1859 to pay the postage for Drop Letters, Newspapers, Printed Matter, and Periodicals.

Trial Color Proof in Blue. This could be a Goodall Proof .

Plate Proof on India in Deep Rose

Plate Proof on India in Rose with Black diagonal Specimen overprint

Deep Rose perforated 11.75x11.75

Paying the newspaper rate. Stamp perforated 11.75x11.75

Rose perforated 11.9x11.75

Dated February 16, 1863. Paying the rate for a printed circular. Stamp perforated 11.9x11.75

Rose perforated 11.9x11.9. Dated April 11, 1868

Drop letter. Rose perforated 11.9x11.9. Dated December 27, 1867