The topics covered here are designed to show the material available to the collector and to help in the interpretation of this material. I will make no effort to cover the issue in the depth or detail done by Marler. Any serious collector of the Admiral issue should have a copy of the book "The ADMIRAL ISSUE of CANADA" by George C. Marler. This book is the 'bible' for any student of the Admirals and I will refer to it many times.

Most of the images have been abreviated to better fit on a monitor.
By that I mean only parts of a strip of 10 or block of 20 are shown in order to get a larger image on your computer screen. In particular, the Die proofs have been reduced to show only the stamp and the Die number and imprint unless it has writing from the Post Office. I am aware that many people think that the size of the cardstock that the proof is mounted on has importance. Unfortunately I can't imagine what that value is.