Introduction to the ASSINIBOIA listing

The data in this section is based on the book EMERGING SASKATCHEWAN by Donald W. Thompson and the late Norman E. Wagner. The material is reprinted with the kind permission of Dr. Thompson. This book is an absolute requirement for any serious collector of Assiniboia.

Earliest Recorded Date(ERD) and Latest Recorded Date(LRD)

The dates shown are partially from Dr. Thompson's book and partly from my own collection. I have expanded the listing to show ERD and LRD by hammer not just by town. Since the dates by hammer are mostly based on my own collection they are at best preliminary. I would appreciate any additional information known to other collectors.

Rarity Factors

R 1-3
E 4-12
D 13-20
C 21-50
B 51-100
A 100+

Errors and Typo's

It is inevitable that I have made errors in transcribing the large amount of data needed for this section. Please contact me with any problems and I will correct them as soon as possible.