FWT7 1c Orange

Stamp size Die Proof in Brown Orange printed on card.

Uppeer Plate 1

Upper Plate 2

Lathework Type C

Block with 'X' precancel.

Booklet pane.

It seems that there were a significant number of one cent stamps remaining
when the War Tax was cancelled. These stamps were overprinted 3/4 Cent or 1 1/2 Cent and used for excise tax purposes.

Overprinted with "3/4 Cent".

Upper Plate 2. The imprint seems to be thicker on this example.

Upper Plate 3.

Upper Plate 4 with PO 1161.

Block with faint type C lathework.

Overprinted with "1 1/2 Cent ".

Lower right with no imprint but PO 587 crossed out.

Overprinted with "3/4 CENT".

Upper left Plate 1.

Upper left Plate 2 with PO 616.

Upper left Plate 3 with PO 1161.

Upper Plate 4 with PO 1161.

Block with type C lathework.