6 ¢   Lincoln   1873-1879
Printed by the Continental Bank Note Company

The Continental Bank Note Company won the contract to print stamps in 1873 and as part of the process the National Bank Note Company was required to turn over the dies for all values. The only way to distinguish the printings other than by color, is by the so called "Secret Mark". It is not known which company applied these marks.

The first four vertical lines in the lower left ribbon are strengthened in all Continental printings.

National printings
Continental printings

----- Die Proofs -----

----- Plate Proofs -----

Plate Proof block of Plate 18 printed on India paper.

Plate Proof block of Plate 21 printed on India paper.
Plates 18,21,304 and 305 were used.

----- Scott #159b   Grilled stamps -----

J Grill   9x12.

----- Scott #159   Stamps without grill -----

A Pink block of Plate 18.

A Rose strip of Plate 304.

Earliest known use of a 6c Continental printing.   June 8, 1873.

----- Fancy Cancels -----

"USED UP" strike of Traverse City dated February 27, 1874.

NYFM ST-MP3 strike dated January 7, 1874.

NYFM GE-EP3 strike dated May 1, 1875.

NYFM GE-EP10 strike dated July, 1875.

NYFM ST-8P10 strike dated August 2, 1875.