6 ¢   Lincoln   1870-1873
Printed by the National Bank Note Company

----- Die Proofs -----

Die Proof in Dark Carmine signed by the engraver D. S. Ronaldson

Die Proof in Bright Carmine with embossed National Bank Note Company seal.

----- Trial Color Proofs -----

Trial Color Proof in Black

Trial Color Proofs in Bright Rose and Dull Maroon.

----- Plate Proofs -----

Plate Proof block of Plate 26 printed on India paper.
Plates 26 and 27 were used.

Plate Proof used to pay regular postage(unique).

----- Scott #137   Grilled stamps -----

H Grill   11x14.

Earliest known use of a 6c grilled stamp.   April 23, 1870.

----- Scott #148   Stamps without grill -----

No complete plate blocks or strips are known.

A Carmine block of four with imprint.

Used single with part imprint of plate 27.

Earliest known use of a 6c stamp.   March 28, 1870.

A 6c stamp used for revenue purposes(unique).

A strip of 3 with imprint paying the registered rate.

----- Fancy Cancels -----

Chicago Blue strike dated July 19, 1871.

NYFM strike dated June 14, 1873.

NYFM TR-W9 strike dated October 11, 1871.

NYFM TR-W19 strike dated February 22, 1873.