This stamp was issued to pay the War Tax on money orders and travellers cheques.
Inevitably, it was also used to to pay the normal 1c Postage rate plus the 1c War Tax.
Thus it was often used to replace the combination of a regular 1c Green and a 1c Green War tax.
It was issued in April of 1915.

The 2c Carmine War Tax was printed from a single redrawn Die numbered OG-67.
All stamps were printed using the 'wet'rinting method.

Die Proof printed in Carmine on India and die sunk on card.

Trial Color Proof printed on card.

Die Proof printed on India and mounted on card but not die sunk.
There is no trace of the die number so this could be an unhardened proof.

10 different plates were used to print the 2c Carmine.

Plates 1-2 were used to satify Printing Order(PO) 296 and reused as part of PO 317

Lower right Plate 1 with PO 296

Upper left Plate 2 with PO 296 defaced and 317 added by hand

Plates 3-4 were used as part of Printing Order 317.

Upper right Plate 3 with PO 317

Lower left Plate 4 with PO 317

Plates 5-8 were used for PO 321

Lower left Plate 5 with PO 321

Lower right Plate 8 with PO 321

Plates 1-8 were printed with inscriptions at both top and bottom.
Plates 9-10 had top inscriptions and a band of Lathework replacing the bottom insciptions.

Upper right Plate 9 with PO 321

Upper right Plate 10 with PO 321

Lathework type B from Plate 9 or 10