Essays in Green and Blue printed on India. These could be essays for the Large Queen stamp.

Small Die Proof with imprnt and die number printed on India and die sunk on card.

Plate Proof printed on India

Only one plate was used to print the ½¢.
A plate of 200 subjects divided into two panes of 100 and separated by a perforated gutter.

The left pane had a "2" above the imprint, and the right pane had a "1".
Both blocks are perforated 12.0x12.0

A complete left pane perforated 12.0x12.0.

An example of the gutter between the panes perforated 12.0x12.0.

An imperforate between pair and a block with an imperforate left margin.

The stamp was issued in the spring of 1882, but the earliest known usage is October 23, 1882.

A cover used on November 20, 1882.

Imperforate examples from both panes.

Overprinted "SPECIMEN" in Violet.
These stamps were prepared in the mid 1890's for distribution to other UPU countries.
Three different types of overprint are known.