Excise Tax Stamps

There are no plate proof sheets for this issue in the possession of the Postal Archives,
and so it is impossible to be certain what plates were used for this issue,
or the format of the plates. It appears that only onw plates used for each value
except for the 1/2c.

Since these stamps were issued during the'Admiral' era, it is only reasonable that the plates
seem to have been laid out in a similar fashion to the regular admiral issues.
The revenue stamps are the same size as regular admirals but are longer horizontally than vertically.
The lathework(were it exists) remains in the same relative place on the sheet, the bottom
for regular admirals but the left side for the revenues.

There are Printing Order numbers engraved on some plates along with the plate imprint.
This is consistent with the later admiral issues.
PO's 1184,1186,1189,1190,1191,1281. and 1282 are known.
These numbers follow those on the War Tax stamps and so it would be reasonable to assume
that these plates were laid down soon after the War Tax plates.